Mind & Body

The Positive Power of Walking

By Jay Walljasper

National summit showcases health, economic, and social justice benefits of walkable communities.

Clear-Eyed Return to the Scene

By Jessica Cohen

A heroin addict finds sobriety and helps others do the same.

Without Care There Is No Democracy: A Cognitive Approach to Beating Trumpism

By Utne Reader staff

Cognitive scientist George Lakoff explains how President Trump gets his followers to believe what he says and how progressives can best combat the spread of Trump’s worldview.

The All-Star Shaman Ayahuasca Massacree

By Chris Kilham

A night of intense psychedelic healing and journeying work in the Peruvian Amazon.


MDs Now Prescribe Walking as a Boost to Health

By Jay Walljasper

A compelling reason to keep your New Year’s resolution to be more active.

Walking is a Basic Human Right

By Jay Walljasper

National Summit sets strategy to make every American community walkable.

Floating in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

by Utne Reader staff

Discover the history and benefits of sensory deprivation tanks.

Utne Reader Podcasts - Abstract Notions

Utne Reader editor Christian Williams explores the nature of consciousness through art, culture, and spirituality in the Abstract Notions podcast.

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